June 23, 1947 - May 7, 2019

To All Who Knew Him,


On May 7th 2019, the world became a little darker for the family and friends of  our father, Tommie Lee Dotter (known as Tom) who suffered a heart attack followed by a catastrophic stroke and subsequently passed due to his injuries at 4:25PM.


Tom was a Military Veteran who attended West Point and later was a member of the reserves, he was a very active man in many areas: He ran his own automotive repair shop “Aspen Import Auto”, was an active member of The National speleological society and caving community as a whole, a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiat Lancia club, he had been involved in Boy Scouts of America where he assisted several scouts (including his son) in achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.  It would take much too long to list all of Tom’s activities, clubs and accomplishments, So we will simply say,


Tom will be dearly missed by all who knew him.


Thank you, Dad.


Your Children,

Matthew Dotter and Ginger Dotter Warner


From the Family

All who have been so helpful in this time,

 My sister and I would like to say to all the wonderful people who have been willing to help in whatever manner they could, The people who offered to help in all manners, whether it be helping with arrangements for the funeral, the celebration of life, dealing with the matter of Tom's Shop (which is still on-going and we will be putting out notices as to what is happening on that front), or donating to the Go Fund Me campaign that has helped allow us to pay appropriate respects to our father.

There simply are not words to express how we feel about the abundance of love and support we have received from family, friends, customers, suppliers, and even people we had never met. Please accept our most sincere Thanks for all that everyone has done to make this very difficult time a little more bearable.


Thank you all!

Matt Dotter and Ginger Warner Dotter


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One of the many reasons Tom will be so missed was his willingness to help people in need. Tom was always the first one to volunteer when repairs to a cave were required. Or if a friend’s car stranded them hours away from Denver, Tom would pack up his trailer and his faithful 4Runner “Reil” and ride to the rescue! He dedicated hours to the boys in Scouts to grow them into dependable, well guided young men, even after his own son had passed Eagle. It never even occurred to Tom that his honesty and willingness to help sometimes had a detrimental effect on his finances or resources…that was just the cost of helping a friend and doing the right thing.


Tom’s generosity in time, effort and resources will never be forgotten be those of us who will always keep him in our hearts. But in his passing, he leaves a large hole in the lives of those he touched, especially his family, as Ginger’s livelihood was primarily because of Tom’s auto shop. He always joked that “I’m not rich because I’m an honest mechanic,” and his passing leaves Ginger and Matthew with many expenses related to his services, and future of his auto shop. In addition to dealing with her father’s death, Ginger is also currently caring for her husband as he undergoes radiation and chemotherapy for two recently removed brain tumors. During this horrible time, her family has no means of income whatsoever.


We now respectfully ask to you to return Tom’s kindness over the years to his children, by making a donation to his GoFundMe campaign so that they may justly “do the right thing” with his services and his legacy. Any contribution is one appreciated and one made of love for Tom and his family. Some of the things that your donation will contribute to are:


•  Mortuary Services and Memorial

•  Supporting Ginger and her family with rent and food

•  Paying the rent on the shop while Ginger and Matthew decide how to handle the business going forward

•  Other things related to his passing such as lawyer fees, bills, etc that must be dealt with


Tom’s passing is hard on us all, but the hardest on Ginger and Matthew under these circumstances. In lieu of flowers or cards, please help us help them deal with this tragic loss without the pressures of day to day living as well.



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