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Rocky Mountain Fiat Lancia Club

The Rocky Mountain Fiat Lancia Club is Denver's oldest Fiat and Lancia group! We gather on the last Thursday of each month to hang out, discuss interesting car facts, what is going on with our cars, and come up with fun events. We shoot pool, bowl, play mini golf, eat at Italian restaurants, go on car cruises,  mountain drives, visit car shows and occasionally have a Funkana driving challenge. We don't care if you have an old Fiat, new Fiat, or NO FIAT as long as you love cars and like discussing and driving them. Got a funny car story? Bring it to the meeting!


To become a member and find out what we're up to, click on the logo above to join our Facebook Page, or click HERE to send us an email and be added to our club list!

Automezzi Colorado

The Automezzi celebrates Italian Motoring and also welcomes many makes and models to participate in an annual show supporting local charities. Automezzi has showcased vehicles for charity since 1990, and we hope to do so again this year through education and information about Italian Marques gathered for this special event. You can find out more information by visiting


Aspen Import Auto has participated in Automezzi since it's 2nd gathering.

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